At Radiation Oncology Associates, our team of professionals work together to ensure that you receive the most effective, compassionate care available. Continue on this page to learn more about the individual team members and their roles in your treatment.

Radiation Oncologist

Your Radiation Oncologist is responsible for all aspects of your radiation care. A Radiation Oncologist is a doctor who specializes in the use of radiation to treat cancer. Our Radiation Oncologists have extensive experience with your type of cancer and the most advanced radiation treatment systems available to treat it.

Your Radiation Oncologist will help you understand which treatments are most appropriate for you.

Radiation Physicist

Your Radiation Physicist will keep your radiation therapy system in perfect working order. Like any other type of sophisticated, highly-technical equipment, radiation therapy systems need continuous attention. Your Radiation Physicist will make sure the system used for your radiation therapy is calibrated to deliver exactly the right amount of radiation at every visit. 


The Dosimetrist will help determine the best method for administering the radiation treatment that has been selected. Determining how much radiation a patient receives during treatment is a true balancing act. The goal is to target the tumor site with as much radiation as possible without damaging surrounding healthy tissue - thereby minimizing the risk of side effects. 

Radiation Therapist

Your Radiation Therapist will administer your treatment. Your Radiation Therapist is a highly trained technologist responsible for delivering your treatment according to your Radiation Oncologist's instructions. When you come in for a session, he or she will make sure you are positioned correctly, and will operate the machine that delivers the radiation. 

Radiation Nurse

The Radiation Nurse coordinates your care and provides patient education. They will work with your physician to help manage any side effects you may experience, and answer questions or concerns you may have throughout the treatment process.

Support Staff

Many other staff members will be involved in making sure your appointments are scheduled, your insurance company is billed for your radiation treatment and your medical records are kept in order.